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Marc Tiez

12. Juli 1988 / Frankfurt

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Informationen und Preview

“World off, music on!” – Small words, big meaning.

With his music he tries to plunge the people in a happy and exuberant world, far away from a bleak and stressful everyday.

Marc’s sound is somewhere between house and techno. But he devotes the large part of his playtime to his beloved tech house. It needs to be a mixture of crispy and impulsive drums and a cheerful melody. Simply to conjure a smile on the peoples face, while they are dancing and forgetting everything around.

Since the year 2012 he is at home in the lovely “we are together” family. There he performs regularly as a resident. With his “we are together” crew, he played at e.g. Ibiza or World Music Dome.

Currently, he spends a lot of time with producing his own music. In the coming years, new tracks regularly should find their way into your ear.

So stay tuned!

References: Capadi Rebels Boat (Ibiza), World Club Dome (Frankfurt), Tanzhaus West (Frankfurt), U60311 (Frankfurt), Kunstkeller (Gießen), Palazzo (Bingen), Monza (Frankfurt), Kommune 2010 (Offenbach), Klangkeller (Fulda), Dreamers Club (Wiesbaden), Central Studio (Friedberg), Sky 106 (Flensungen), Vintage Club (Aschaffenburg), and many more…

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Gegründet wurde die Veranstaltungsreihe "WE ARE TOGETHER" im Oktober 2012 und findet in regelmäßigen Abständen im Tanzhaus West statt.

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